sand between my toes (pt1)

kenting 001

back from Kenting and it was sooo much fun!!
a solid 3 day beach weekend complete with cheap meals at 711, shady companies that will rent out mopeds to 12 kids without licenses or experience, rain and wind during our surf, matching henna tatoos, and a couple cases of Taiwan beer as we watch the sunset.

kenting 002
kenting 003

kenting 006

kenting 000


on another (sort of?) related note... i never realized how essential a floppy wide brimmed hat or a straw fedora is for the beach and summer in general. let's be honest, the "beach hair" in magazines never actually happens at the beach. there's too much sand and windy and salt --- hair, at least mine, just ends up being a huge tangled knot. soooo beach hat to the rescue! =) the ones we 'acquired' this weekend were totally cheap and lost their shape in 5 minutes... just as well though, we rode around on our mopeds so often that we just kept stuffing them back into that tiny seat compartment and would have ruined any quality hat anyways.

kenting 004

more pics in a later post! there are so many good ones =)

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  1. i like this ... the best pic at the end.. =)....
    what about the video?.. =)