First Week at Taiwan

at Feng Chia night market

Cool wooden carvings at an old temple... shoot, I forget where exactly

Pretty Fleurs
Sun Moon Lake, where we stayed and toured for two days

  • I have been hella busy here in Taiwan -just finished our hectic 5 day TTT (Taiwan Tech Trek, the program I am here through) orientation via tour bus, and had my first day of work today at the hospital
  • my Chinese needs some working on, and I am more white-washed than I realize
  • probably partied too much and definitely slept too little
  • not as humid (yet) as I anticipated it would be, but still mosquito bites galore
  • met a ton of cool interesting people from around the globe here
I'll write more later... heading to bed now, still catching up on sleep!



Destroyed house in the Lower Ninth Ward, 4 years after the storm.

The levee that broke and flooded the Lower Ninth.

Swampland! Alligator sight-seeing.

Sunset over the Mississippi River.

Good times -a couple daiquiris, board games, good friends, the park by the Miss River.

Music, jazz, and dancing everywhere! I loved it.

Went to New Orleans with UC Berkeley's student-led group, the Magnolia Project, for two and a half weeks to do service work and learn about the town -social injustices, the real Katrina story, and the recovery process since. It was an amazing experience -learned a lot and saw many parallels between the Lower 9th Ward and Oakland here in California. Met a ton of great people as well! both from Cal and NOLA. I wish I had gone over and done this sooner, but am glad I got to fit it in -a nice way to end my undergraduate career. New Orleans is such an amazing city with so much culture and tradition –definitely underrated, at least over here on the West Coast. I can't lie though, it's nice to be back home, even if it's just for a quick few days before I pack and head off again. =)