taco tuesday

Taco Tuesday vs. Gilt Groupe @ work tonight aka throwback to sorority life, except w/ fashion companies. We do the whole matching outfits thing, the whole date auction thing, the whole get drunk & camera whore it up thing. (but all in the name of charity =)! ) Anywho - here's me decked out in Betsey at our showroom...
bustier & leggings: Betsey Johnson; sheer top: flea market; Aldo wedges; random glitter bow necklace

(sorry for the crappy photo quality...)


easy breezy DIY beezies

I picked up this XL tank top at Old Navy a couple weekends ago at their 50% off clearance sale - purely for experimentation. It literally only cost $2 - pretty much cheaper than fabric at that point.

Anyways, 3 minutes & a pair of scissors later - I cut a circle hem and now I've got a crop top/ tunic hybrid on my hands -perfect for layering or as a breezy summer beach cover-up. Hooray for random DIY's and $2 tank tops!


may showers

Rain still? come on now Mother Nature. I blame the rain for this crappy photos - where else am I supposed to take pics when it's pouring outside? =/ on another note, I really do need a tripod...
DIY torn boyfriend jeans, Style & Co oxfords, H&M trench, Betsey Johnson archive top

Thank you so much for the nice comments on the last post - makes me feel less guilty about being a sporadic blogger, hehe.
Oh yes, and today through tomorrow is American Apparel's Friends & Family sale - 30% off! Don't make fun of me... I trained all the way up to Harlem since that's the only store in Manhattan that's participating. Come on - 30% off AA is kind of a big deal... plus they had cookies for us =)


unannounced hiatus?

pants: Uniqlo, lace tank and sunnies: F21, sandals and oversized tank: Old Navy clearance; Stila lip color in Exhiliration
oh boy i am the worst blogger ever, don't even want to count how many days it's been. sorry guys.
Been busy with work, apartment hunting, blah blah, excuses, excuses... the truth is I've just been feeling really plain and boring and uninspired lately (nod to today's outfit) and the only 'outfit photos' I've taken in the past couple weeks really haven't been blog appropriate, haha. I got this bubblegum pink Stila lipstick as a freebie through work and even though I would've never actually picked it out myself but I'm completely hooked now!

Anyways, nothing special today - just a super casual outfit to run errands, read a book, and maybe get a little DIY-ing going. But I'm forcing myself to get a post up (even if it were just my pj's! lol) to get myself back in the zone.
Have a great weekend lovelies!


heart murakami

AA disco pants, H&M white button-up, Urban Outfitters lace body, F21 heart sneakers
I've been on a Haruki Murakami binge. His supernatural and whimsical stories are perfect to lose yourself in -especially when you've got that -who am i-what do i do-what's my purpose in life-purpose today-etc. conundrum playing forever on a loop in your head. I read Sputnik Sweetheart yesterday cover to cover (while sweating in this sauna that is New York summer). Loved it. Go check him out if you get the chance. Let me know what you think.

P.S. any recommendations? my friend and I want to start our own little book club teheehee