inked tiger

F21 bodysuit, Doc Martens, H&M drop crotch pants, Banana Republic cardi

just got home from the Inked Mag May Issue Party. must sleep now before work tomorrow -mmkay, night!



(photo by zones)
I really am trying to blog more regularly but works been kicking my butt lately. I'm at the office later than ever and all I want to do when I get back to my apartment is sleep/eat/shower (either/or/all at once). I'm so jealous of you bloggers out there with the discipline to post outfits daily on top of everything else! (laziness & apathy have always been my strong suits)

Anyways, this week's sort of felt like a waste... I've had this awful sty on my left eye for the past few days and it looks like it's planning on stickin' around a bit longer, ugh. It's been tiring me out way more than I thought it would (who knew it was so much work to keep both eyes open all the time?? damn) and I haven't felt like going out or doing more than the bare minimum these past couple days since I look (and feel) tres sexy. oh well... let's hope it gets better FAST -I'm sick of feeling like cyclopes =(



A new necklace that I picked up at a flea market and an XL men's t-shirt + hella safety pins + bored hands itching for a DIY while I watch Glee and Gossip Girl

Those of you who know me in real life probably know that I've been freaking out about how baller my younger sister is -she got into Cornell University! Anywho, they came out this past weekend to check out the campus so I bussed upstate to spend some time with the good ole' fam bam. Anybody would be in awe at how beautiful and lush Ithaca is although I think I especially appreciated it since it's been awhile since I've left this concrete jungle that is Manhattan...
some photos --


bucket list

brunch @ bar breton // jewelry & trinkets @ hell's kitchen flea market // daffodils // yellow tights on a grey day // view from my balcony after work // pasta for one

As much as I love being a "real" adult and being financially independent I still really really missing student life. Obviously... who doesn't? But more than the partying and the football games and invitationals, I really just miss feeling more alive in college (as cheesy as that sounds) -feeling like you're studying for some grand life purpose, living it up because you know college is just a fleeting four years, being able to take off from class and go on mini adventures whenever the mood struck or the weather was nice.
The catch to living in such an amazing city like New York is that you feel like you have all the time in the world to explore it and then regret wasting those hours being lazy or the nights you stayed in. I remember the weekend a year ago during my last semester in college when it struck me just how little time I had left at Cal and in the Bay Area. I freaked out for a bit and made a huge & overambitious bucket list -and actually ended up checking quite a few things off.
I need to make an NY bucket list.


lightweight stripes & lushae

This outfit is from a few days ago - when it was unusually hot in New York (warmer than Southern California in April? isn't that a bit off?). This dress had originally been floor sweeping until I accidentally left it in the dryer so it shrunk a bit -now it's ankle sweeping. I actually like it better this way -no need to pick up the ends when I walk up stairs or accidentally tripping over myself.
lightweight stripes
lightweight stripes2
dress and cateye sunnies: F21, shawl: random piece of shredded fabric; ring from LuShae Jewelry

I'm also wearing this new ring courtesy of LuShae Jewelry. Sarah at Jewelry Art Designs was kind enough to let me choose an item to review from her beautiful selection of shiny shinies. I tend to wear chunkier and bigger jewelry so I instantly gravitated towards this white gold Cobblestone ring, perfect both as a cocktail ring and everyday wear. To be honest (especially for its size) I expected this ring to be a lot heavier, the kind of jewelry you always know is there, you always feel yourself wearing it. I couldn't really tell from the website photos but turns out it's actually hollowed out all the way through and the back panel is riddled with holes, sort of reflecting the cobblestone pattern in the front of the ring... kind of cool. Anyways, thank you Sarah for sharing your site with me! This ring is super versatile -I've almost worn it every day since I received it a few days ago, always a win in my book.


(lunch of) champions


gruyere cheese puffs //foie gras coconut macaroon //french bread //linguini w. alaskan king crab, black pepper & meyer lemon //spaetzle w. niman ranch pork belly, pommery mustard & spinach //carrot curry cappucino //bone marrow crusted beef tenderloin w. root veges //colorado lamb w. artichoke barigoule, taggiasca olives & piquillo peppers //chocolate caramel tart w. sea salt

These photos are a tad dated... had an epic epic lunch of champions at fancy schmancy eleven madison park the last day my bf was in new york.
(sadly i know this place as - where-carrie-and-big-tried-to-have-lunch-as-friends-and-then-he-tells-her-he's-engaged-and-she-gets-mad-and-runs-out-of-the-restaurant-and-almost-eats-it-on-the-steps. wow.)
I decided to wear his plaid shirt too. Too bad the place was fancy schmancy.

But anywho, t'was delicious. I ate enough for 2 entire days, yep yep.


industrial floral

mother's vintage silk skirt, random grey t-shirt, Topshop leather jacket, necklace from a temple in Taiwan, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

why does it feel like Friday already? womp.