Giveaway: Slouchy Boots

One of you guys is about to get an awesome little parcel in your mailbox soon! ;) Thanks to CSN stores I'm gonna be able to give one of my readers this great pair of casual boots! They're perfect for everyday wear, have just the right amount of heel, and I'm sure between all of us we can think of a trillion different ways to style these babies.

Check out CSN Stores' website too - they've got a million different things from furniture and housewares, to shoes and school supplies -conveniently all consolidated together!

I'm really glad they were able to give me this opportunity and help me out in showing you guys my appreciation for supporting this blog. Honestly though, I know a lot of times I never get around to properly responding to all your comments but I really do love that people actually read this thing... so thank you! =)

So..... to enter:
1. leave a comment here for one entry
2. and (let me know) if you follow my blog on google reader and/or bloglovin' that'll count as another entry.
Unfortunately this is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents, sorry guys.
I'll close the contest at midnight EST on February 5th (so the 4th is the last day) and then randomly draw a winner. Good luck!


snow umbrella

AA disco pants, blazer from Taiwan street market, Zara top, F21 tie-dye scarf, Style&Co oxfords

I woke up this morning, completely groggy and still half asleep and mumbled something about how freaking fickle NYC weather is, since the day before (when these photos were taken) it was bright and sunny and this morning was fog and overcast to the max. And then I realized it was snowing! And yes, I've seen snow before, I've seen snow in NYC before, but all of a sudden I got all happy and giddy (two emotions that don't often surface in the morning).
I love how snow really does make everything -even busy New Yorkers scrambling to get to work, seem calmer and more magical. =)

And then, like a classic SoCal n00b, I came across the dilemma of umbrella vs. no umbrella while it's snowing out... ended up going without since it wasn't snowing all that hard. A quick survey of the streets showed about a half half split... although maybe more people sans umbrella. But I'm curious, for those of you guys who live in places that get snow often... umbrella or no umbrella?

Oh yea, and then it got all bright and sunny again. Fickle NYC weather no?
(...only bloggers can write an entire post on weather huh, haha)


living life like a video

selfmade lace+chiffon skirt, UO tank, long cardi and tights: Uniqlo, Penny loves Kenny oxfords, men's vest from a Taiwan boutique, fake glasses

So along the lines of my weird poses - here's a couple more. Still not completely satisfied with this outfit, I think it's a little too matchy-matchy colorwise, but what else are you gonna do when you're running out of time in the morning?
It was one of those days where all your conceptual outfits don't really work out in real life. womp womp.
But it was definitely a glasses day.


On another note: I'll be attending the Chictopia10 summit during NYFW! I was kind of on the fence about it at first, for a handful of random, rather irrelevant reasons, but hey, I've moved to New York so I might as well right?!? =) I'm very excited to go; I've never had a chance to meet any bloggers in real life... and during NYFW none the less!
(I've actually planned on going for a while now... I always announce important things on my twitter, and then forget to on here... gotta get better at that)



Uniqlo cardi, Old Navy XL tank worn as a dress, H&M tank, thrifted leopard shirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, jewelry from H&M and Taiwan

...like my pose? looks like I'm about to do that 90's dance... (80's dance?) whatsitcalled... you know... where you grab the opposite leg and put your other hand behind your head and then attempt this awkward scissor move across your body. LOL

Anywayssssss, balcony outfit shots for now. and at night since the sun pretty much disappears by the time I'm off work. Happy Hump Day everybody!



sweet disposition


thanks for all the nice comments on the last post guys =) unfortunately i don't have my sewing machine out here so that may be as finished as it's gonna be for awhile... we'll see...
i had my first uniqlo experience this past weekend in soho. and my first chocolate cannoli.
also, i hate writing cover letters. ugh.


CdG inspired skirt

an unpolished version. This is what I had been working on back in California before I left, so it's rather rough around the edges (literally). I want to work on the concept and play w/ different materials and layers... I feel like it def has some potential. Love CdG's sheers and all the interesting different silhouettes Rei experiments with. Guess this is my poor man's ode to that?

It's basically several panels of grey chiffon overlapped sewed together to allow for a drawstring in between. I used thin ribbon since I wanted to keep it light and pretty - it wasn't my first choice but I was having trouble thinking of something else to use. Anyways, these drawstrings allow you to play with the lengths and amount of ruching in different areas of the skirt.

Hopefully it'll be a great layering piece (obviously... it's so sheer). I can see it paired with leather leggings and some killer black heels, no?


8 million stories

ny view
I made it to New York!! ...oh and that ^ ? oh, yea, just the view from my bed, ain't no thanggggg

I feel like I've been an awful blogger lately... but I was/am packing/unpacking my life. Just started my internship today and I'm still trying to fall into the swing of things, get myself oriented, and find a good place to take outfit photos =)
(so bear with me for a few more days)

Anyways, thank you all so much for the comments ...and 100 followers! Wow =D
Hope you've all been well - I'm looking forward to catching up on your blogs soon!



striped top: Old Navy, khakis: Dickies mens, bow belt: random sash that came with some other pants, flats: Guess

For the most part I hate j.crew and all other forms of preppy, WASP-ish style (argyle!! argh), so I'm not quite sure how I ended up with this outfit... but I AM glad I finally found a perfect navy striped top, and on clearance for $2.50 too! Now all I need is to trade my messy backyard for a yacht and done some Sperrys.

Thank you guys for wishing me luck on my packing, haha. It's really not even all that much -since I've noticed that an overwhelming portion of my closet is tanks and summer tops, useless in an NY winter.
I'm just a big procrastinator.

BUT I've got about half done already... go me, I deserve a snack =)


maxi for the win

skirt and striped top - F21, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, lace body - UO
I decided to give these photos an antique-ish feel to somewhat rescue them from their overexposed state... feels like it fits with the whole maxi skirt look too. Too bad the skirt itself isn't vintage.

Guys - I'm moving across the country in 3 days (guess it's time to start packing? eh, i'll wait till tomorrow) -- ahh, how did it sneak up so quickly?!?


blame it on the pop

Urban Outfitters dress, Style&Co oxfords, F21 tights, hat from a street vendor in Kenting, blazer from Charlotte Russe 7 years ago

a casual day - most of it spent reading WWD and sewing magazines with a coffee at Borders. got a bajillion ideas floating around in my head...
must. sew. tomorrow.


arizona snow

I'm homeeee - had a lovely family vacation (which almost seems like an oxymoron, but really, good times). Just wanted to share a random handful of photos...
It's good to be back in California and be able to leave the house in just a cardigan.

Oh gosh, I'm so screwed for New York.

az trip
az trip
az trip
az trip
az trip
az trip
az trip
az trip
az trip
az trip
az trip

a little late but Happy New Year everybody! I'm so excited for 2010.