shiny pants and leather lace ups

aa disco1

aa disco2
AA navy disco pants, F21 striped top, random ring, BC footwear flats

by far the coolest pants i own. and, disregarding the first pic where for some reason i look preggers, they totally slim you down. albeit totally difficult to get into, once i finally wiggled my way in i felt like catwoman, or whatsherface from grease lightening. can't wait to wear them out with some pumps and a flowy crop top.

on another note, i am completely distressed over my new boots, the pour la victoire ann d knockoffs. i had been mostly concerned about the color (i wanted a deep chocolate-y brown, none of that wimpy tan crap), and the color was spot on.. they just... kind of hurt, and the leather isn't as soft as i had imagined them to be. so now, i don't know, i can keep them, get some dr.scholl's and wear the leather in, or bite the bullet on return shipping costs and get multiple other shoes with that money. usually i'm pretty good with myself at making sure big purchases (oh yes, this one was big, even with the shopbop discount) are completely perfect and worth it, but i've just wanted these so badly for so long, ugh.
and they are so gorgeous, aren't they??
plv boots1

plv boots2

what to do, what to do


scarborough fair

pumpkinfair 2

pumpkinfair 4
mm, it's really starting to feel like autumn.. check out these funky shaped squashes -- aren't they fun?

we swung by a cute little pumpkin farm in spirit of the season. very quaint, all it needed were fields and fields of sunflowers... how awesome would that be?? picked up the perfectly shaped pumpkin for our carving adventures, which turned out to be in some ways totally successful, but then also sort of a fail (we were aiming for a specific person's face, hahaa)

pumpkinfair 1
i guess this sorta counts as an outfit post?
secondhand cuffed boyfriend jeans, F21 lace tank, random necklaces, beanie from H&M, rainbows (i know, don't kill me fashion gods, but they are damn comfy)


blue stove

blue stove
target sweater, F21 socks, boots by Jessica Simpson, bf's Raybans, skirt from ...6th grade? how do i still fit in this

aren't the back of my thighs sexy??? i was trying to show the button-up back of my sweater... fail.

the boy's here now =) we went to the park for some duck watching yesterday. it's like people watching but even better -you make up the conversations and scenarios you think those little birds are having... and there's no fear that they might overhear you talking crap

and i've been having quite a lot of mexican food lately... like these tapas from Blue Stove. nommy.
blue stove 2

blue stove 1
also, really feelin' my blue nails right now, although i just bought a chanel jade wannabe which is next up

this post is so schizophrenic.




cardigan: secondhand Calvin Klein, skirt and necklace: F21, Penny loves Kenny oxfords, Nordstrom rack tights

finished my exam yesterday. bought boots. finally got my lazy butt back in a gym today. made money. boyfriend is visiting in two days. life is chillin'

thank you everybody who takes the time to read and visit my blog. your comments always brighten up my day =)


monday hump day

aqua mini-jacket: vintage/thrifted; charlotte russe denim, payless boots

a very busy/productive monday following the laziest weekend ever. hah, it's all about balance isn't it?
  • craving some dark chocolate, dried cranberries, and hot oolong tea
  • i've got a million and one DIY's going on in my head, on my desk, on various hangers hung up around my room... including a faux fur vest that p.s. i made this and ...love meagan posted on (they beat me to it!). except my local fabric store completely fails at their selection of faux fur, ugh, and it's one of the good Joann's too. i'm considering buying online but somehow it seems wrong to buy yards of faux fur without being able to properly touch it first... ya feel me?
  • these payless boots are probably the best purchase ever -totally matching payless prices while far exceeding my expectations in quality and comfort, still, i'd much rather be wearing these
  • i love the jewel-toned color of this mini-jacket/bolero/thing but as much as i try to make it work, i think it really is too big and looks too awkward on me. sad. ebay?



what i wore this morning before socal decided it hated rain and reverted back up 20 degrees to summer weather


this morning i got an email saying that due to "unforseen circumstances" my testing site this saturday is no longer available and now they have to reschedule my GRE... (this is just a couple hours after i get my testing confirmation email too). al;kjfdao ;iwjeo;kjbdfl ;kjwe poiejr --- what does that mean?? how is that even allowed? can't they just find a new place, why do i have to take it a different day now?
of course the email doesn't tell me when i am supposed to take it. just that i can't this saturday. when i finally get off work at 5 and get a chance to call them, all i get is a recording of my confirmed test date and can't speak to any real live person because, of course, they have to close at 8pm EST. but the recording said my test is still on!

arghhh... so frustrated!! i have no clue what's going on. i guess i'll just keep studying as if it's in 2 days?
this totally messes up me planning my weekend too by the way - my plans to go out are now on hold and i guess i'll have to postpone my celebratory shopping trip? so dumb.

sweaters: Old Navy and Wet Seal, Jeffery Campbell booties, H&M scarf, tights from F21

speaking of shopping... my sunglasses broke in my purse a couple days ago. i think it's time i finally shell out the money and invest in a quality pair instead of throwing $5 at Forever 21 each time another one of their cheap sunnies breaks on me. any suggestions? i'm debating between Clubmasters and Wayfarers, although i'm leaning towards the latter -- an expensive pair should probably be more classic and less funky fresh.

ok, thanks for reading my rant. back to studying for me now.


wet duck

Penny loves Kenny oxfords, Old Navy gray jeans, sweater from Macau, F21 robe, H&M scarf, bracelet from Hong Kong

back in May when I was moving out of college, I trashed my rainboots. they were free (secondhand), not really that cute, and a little on the big side, but mostly because I was short on room and (it was late May then) I was NEVER gonna need them in socal. hahaha, Mother Nature mocks me now.
i had a thought today while at work - what about fancy shmancy working professionals? what do they do when it rains? wear run-of-the-mill wellies like everybody else? sacrifice a pair of shoes b/c they're that rich? call in sick to work? wow i sound like such an ignorant socal girl.


MJ's glove


i think i mentioned before that i've been busy working odd jobs while en route to a full-time or graduate school. these past two days i got to work probably one of the most interesting and unique jobs i've ever done -basically i was just helping out at this auction put on by Profiles in History selling tons and tons of Hollywood antiques/costumes/photos/props/etc.



pants: H&M, sister's top, pumps: Madden Girl, studded Taiwan belt, H&M earrings // F21 skirt, my dad's old shirt, Nine West heels, DIY zipper belt

the creme de la creme items were things such as Michael Jackson's sequined and illuminated glove, his mirror from Ghost, a signed fedora, dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, and Elvis' guitar from his last performance in Vegas. i'm not a huge movie geek or crazy about any particular actor or movie, but it was pretty neat to see these all in person. (and listen to how much people were bidding for these!! craziness)

auction 4


dance for love

oct3 6
my mom and i found this amazing cuban cafe/bakery by the burbank airport as she was going to drop me off. had a quick dinner. sandwich of feta cheese and fresh tomatoes on homemade baguette with mariquitos (plantain chips!) and a delicious garlicy dipping sauce. and we bought a bunch of pastries for her to take home. and when she picked me up today we stopped by again, hehe. so delicious and not expensive at all! so glad we found this place, good job us =)

oct3 7
had brunch with the boy at Somerset in Oakland. seriously, the Bay Area has some of the best best eats. we've been trying to conquer them all (with the help of yelp) but it seriously a work in progress.
open faced crab sandwich with avocado, black pepper aioli, cheese, and red pepper on top of sourdough; heirloom tomato salad.

oct3 4
oct3 5
oct3 6
lovevolution parade in San Francisco - "we dance for love and respect" haha i loved it; it was so eclectic, energetic, and completely san franciscan in every way. i admire the people who went all out and were at the parade at noon, the festival in the afternoon, and the afterparty till the break of dawn. i really wish i could have gone to it all but i went to the football game instead, and my party endurance has really plummented (i know, it's pitiful)

oct3 3
speaking of which, Cal vs. USC. let's not talk about it.

oct3 1
oct3 2
on sunday we swung by Ici, a delicious and quirky ice cream store run by an ex-Chez Panisse dessert chef. they have the most unique and unexpectedly delicious flavors that change daily and, true to Alice Waters form, are always made from fresh and local ingredients. i had a scoop creme fraiche amareno cherry and he got brown sugar oatmeal raisin cookie. they also hand roll their cones and dip the insides in chocolate! deeeelicious


secondhand boyfriend jeans, H&M tank, Zara jacket, dinosaur necklace from Taiwan, American Eagle sandals. excuse my funky facial expressions

and here's a random picture of my boyfriend. (his arm's half up because he's being shy, not abusive, haha) i miss him dearly and it completely sucks not living in the same city anymore.
anyways, if any of you guys are interested, he just started a blog where he shares a lot of good music. check it out -i swear, at least half of my itunes is credited to him. ...the other half is full of those horrible catchy songs that you know are horrible but you can't help loving because they are so damn catchy =)