vintage leopard caftan, H&M mens sweater, random rings

Had a psuedo-snow day today and got to leave work at 1pm... I've had so much free time since then that this morning honestly feels like a completely separate day. It was really nice to have the day (sort of) off, relax, catch up on misc. errands, etc. Spent the evening with some friends over for pizza + beer + Inglorious Basterds (good movie!) since we didn't want to venture out in the snow nor 'waste' a friday night. Threw on my bright orange vintage caftan to brighten up the day even though it was just spent lounging around. That's all... night! =)


BJ backstage


backstage photos of hair/make-up/models/inspiration/photographers/general chaos before Betsey Johnson's "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" Fall 2010 Show.

This was the first 'real' fashion show I've ever watched, and even though I was technically "working" aka tweeting and trying to snap photos over rows of heads and sandwiched in between all these tall people, it was still so soo much fun. The energy was unreal, the entire show was fun & upbeat, and the McQueen tribute at the end was really touching. It was so cool to see these looks that have been sitting around our showroom, tweaked again and again, finally shown off on the runway.

On another unrelated note- listening to hyphy right now that i haven't heard in foreverrrrrr. Good thing my roommate here went to Cal too and is familiar with the soil where them rappers be gettin' they lingo from. or else she'd probably think I'm strange. hehe. oh bay area I miss you.


Chictopia10 Social Influence Summit

I tweeted for Wikifashion during the Chictopia10 Summit but now I'm finally blogging about it! It was great -albeit the stop & go shuffle with the many furniture rearrangements... but really, such a cool (and a little surreal at first!) experience to meet other bloggers in real life.
There were insightful discussions and panels presented on the future of blogging, bloggers working with companies, and social media in general. It was really interesting for me too, since I felt like I was sort of on both sides of the fence (1. with this blog, and 2. my position as work covering social media/web marketing for Betsey Johnson)

taghrid & liz // Alexandra Grecco // Corvous Noir reconstructed vintage jewelry // Triskaidekaphobia jewelry line by 66Sick girls // JCheikh

These male models for JCheikh were quite a hit ;) We got to see 5 great presentations by emerging designers at the end of the conference. My favorite was probably the the 66Sick girls jewelry line -so subtley edgy yet sophisticated, and see those harnesses they're wearing?? ::drool::
outfit (wet seal sweater, thrifted sequin blouse, H&M aladdin pants, tights, knee highs, Payless boots) // conference tote bag

I was only briefly at the afterparty and missed all photo ops =( I really enjoyed the conference though! It was a great opportunity and I'm glad I got to attend. I learned a lot & met a bunch of great people and fellow bloggers, so thanks Chictopia!


a whirlwind

dimsum -happy chinese new year! // betsey johnson after party // scattered makeup counter backstage

This past weekend has been all sorts of hectic between trying to coordinate my time between hanging out with my family while they're in town and fashion events. Had an early early breakfast with my family before they left for the airport, and then a full day at work (day after our own after-party, blah). All this commotion did make me almost completely forget about Valentine's Day though, thankfully too, since I really miss the boyfriend and haven't been able to see him in months. =(
I'll do legit posts on the Chictopia10 Summit and the Betsey Johnson fashion show later, but for now I need to attend to emails, pick up my room, SLEEP, etc.


nyfw - let it begin!

New York Fashion Week! ahh so many little things to get done, a million things running through my head. running up and down the streets, trying not to slip on slush and salt. and in heels? you must be kidding me.

...that doesn't make sense.
Anywho, this weekend's going to be busy busy busy, but I'm definitely excited! I'll be at Chictopia10 on Saturday and tweeting for Wikifashion (@Wikifashion). And then Sunday evening I'll be tweeting at the Betsey Johnson show for work! (@xobetseyjohnson).
Stay tuned for photos and posts! =)

Plus, my family planned this weekend to come out to New York since it coincided well with my sisters' school schedules and other appts, etc... too bad it's like the worst weekend for me to squeeze time in to hang out with them. Oh well, c'est la vie, right? Hopefully we'll still be able to hang out a lot, I miss them!

RIP McQueen


wannabe kane

don't these F21 leggings remind you of Christopher Kane for Topshop?
layers of random black tanks, tops, and cardi's , silver poncho-esque thing: gift from Taiwan, F21 mesh leggings and tights (underneath), Guess flats

I just got back from seeing "In the Heights" on Broadway with my friend for free! I forgot how energizingly cheesy musicals usually are, but love it all the same. However, seeing Corbin Blue aka ex-Disney Channel aka "push it, push it, to the limit, limit" guy as the main character somehow knocks the level of seriousness down a couple notches, hahaha. Still, had great time =D

We've had a lot of blizzard warnings but it's supposed to snow hardcore tomorrow, like snow day status. I'll still probably be heading into work though since I live so close and need my moolah... so I've got mixed feelings.


go saints?

This bone-chilling cold has given me a new appreciation for bookstores and cafes, especially when put together (+ free wifi, i love you Borders). It makes you feel like you're "going out" and "doing something" when really you've merely just transplanted yourself from bed --> bookstore sofa.
trousers, heat-tech top, cardi: Uniqlo, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, studded belt from Taiwan street boutique, necklaces: from NOLA streetfair and thrifted purse chain

Just realized that I'm basically wearing head-to-toe Uniqlo, haha oh well. This bright yellow cardigan was 2 sizes too big but on sale for only $15 and has fulfilled part of my quest for more color in my winter outfits. I ended up layering tights underneath too - these pegleg trousers are way too thin.

Currently huddled up with my coffee, trying to figure out Superbowl plans, wings vs. no wings, etc... important things obviously. I'm not a big NFL person but I guess I'm channeling some NOLA spirit with my outfit today - I'm even wearing my favorite face necklace I bought while down there last May!

Oh yea, I almost forgot! Congrats to Lena who won the slouchy boot giveaway! I emailed you - check your inbox =)

i went down the list of comments, +1 if you included that you were a follower in the same comment, -1 for non-US/Canadian comments (sorry guys!)


fur collar photoshoot

H&M coat, Old Navy jeans, Jessica Simpson riding boots, thrifted chenille sweater, random rings, fur collar from my little sister's old Hollister coat.

Might have had too much fun here with my mini-photoshoot. I rescued this detachable fur collar from my sister's old winter coat -she never wore it and it just sat in the corner of her closet... This + a safety pin = perfect for chilly times when a scarf isn't glamorous enough.

Anyways, I got a full time job offer today at work!! It all happened soo quickly - a combination of being at the right place in the right time and (I'd like to think) working hard and proving myself over the last month I've had this internship. YAY! I am so so relieved, and so ready to finally be making real money (and loosening up my budget a little)