i'm on your line like vonage

been kind of in a funk all today... probably has to do with the lack of sleep last night, the absolutely nothing i did at work today while everyone was stressing about the hospital inspection, some more bug bites that popped up over night (and on my face too! grrr, it's really sexy), and some other stuff...

anyways, once i got home this evening, after a dramatic cab ride, i decided i really needed to snap out of it.

coffee? no, not really conducive to me catching up on sleep tonight.
ice cream? hm... well for one thing, it's expensive(ish) here and ice cream is never really a good pick-me-up (the idea of ice cream is, but actually eating a bunch of it is usually more of a drag-me-down). so maybe i'll just googleimage search ice cream. haha! (p.s. that's what my friend used to do when we'd lock ourselves in main stacks during midterm season and she was hungry... googleimage food cuz she was too lazy to leave and get some)

so i settled on endorphines and forced myself to go out of a jog... (i am so not this disciplined or healthy usually). snapped some photos while out...

i love this groups of old ladies boogying and old men tai chi-ing in the parks late at night/early in the morning. they're so cute. and i really love that even though i am kind of living in the suburbs of Taipei, there are always so many people out on walks and jogs, with their children, grandparents and mini puppies. it's not like california where everyone you see jogging on the street are all incredibly fit and decked out in lululemon. here they weave it into the routine of the family.

i am heading off with my friends tomorrow and spending the weekend in Kenting (this beach town in the southern tip of Taiwan). we're all calling in sick/ taking the day off work tomorrow and bussing down. should be fun! i am looking forward to it -- gotta kick some energy into me by tomorrow noon. =)

oh and also, i'll be bringing the nikon along so hopefully i'll take some legitttt photos to post up here instead of the usual ones from my crappy point and shoot cam.

p.s. sorry this sounds way more like a diary entry than a blog post. wasn't really my intention when i started this blog. but you know... whatever, just roll with it

p.p.s. random title. it's an e-40 lyric that came on my ipod when i was jogging. i do this thing sometimes... where i title stuff after some random song from whatever i'm listening to at the moment (true story. just check out my facebook albums)

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  1. love the text and the old ladies, adore :))