wind in my face (pt2)

some more photos from a great weekend down south in Kenting... most of the ones i posted last time were taken with the crappy point-and-shoot. fancier, expensiver cameras + wind and sand and salt and speeding mopeds just don't logically go together... but i tried to include some better quality shots in this post. enjoy! =)

kenting 010
7-11 squatters bums loyal customers

kenting 011
you can't really tell here... but it's raining hard and the wind kept kicking up pebbles in our faces... what we woke up at 7am on sunday for

kenting 006
din din?

kenting 008

kenting 009
leave your mark

kenting 007
check out our ballin' gang sign

oh yea, and i finally just saw Up. (it didn't release here in Taiwan until July 31st... and between packing and NOLA I never got a chance to see it in the States before I left) it was great! very cute and touching, but definitely not as crazy as all the surrounding hype suggested.

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