all white

So apparently this is the snowiest January New York has seen in a long while. I know everyone's yappin' about how they're sick of it but honestly I'm still in love with it all. I was SO upset that I was in LA over the holidays and missed that huge blizzard/snowpacolypse back in December.
It's usually sunnier and warmer on days it snows... and the possibility of spontaneous days off work?? so down.
standard snow outfit: Doc Martens, tights, Uniqlo parka. done and done.


love hate love hate

my job. new york city.
yet, bam! it's been one year already. ...not a huge chunk of time if you look at the long run, but kind of a huge chunk if you consider your life to be over at 35, which I suspect (hope) most 23 year old's think.
feel like I never have time to sit down and think about what I'm doing, where I'm going.
or maybe I have too much time, think too much, and am crippled by indecision.

either way, my life needs a new rhythm.
but then there's also those times where I pause for 2 seconds and realize that, as much as I bitch, my life -job, friends, city, is pretty damn amazing right now and I should quit being a little breezy.

oh isn't this speech sooooo scintillating?
stupid angst. it annoys me too.

...and here goes the downward spiral


twenty eleven

a recreation of my new year's eve outfit + poor lighting + janky photoshopping
thrifted leopard harem pants, sequined top UO clearance, mom's black beaded belt, DSW lace up booties

NYE this year was mediocre at best, but what are you supposed to expect from these kinds of high-strung nights?
anywho, Happy New Year's! xx