a socal christmas

so nice to be home in LA for the holidays.... pretty bummed I missed the snow blizzard in NY right now and skipped a white Christmas, but hey - low 60's and no tights for 10 days.. I can't complain
lights // oil painting again // cute owl ring my friend got me from the French Quarter in NOLA for our Secret Santa

The thing about not living at home is you miss all the holiday decorations! =( They're my favorite part.
My sister brought this hot pepper wreath back from a farmer's market by her school in Ithaca.

Our family usually has a pretty chill Christmas - the only consistents are presents and an afternoon-long Monopoly game (that I always seem to lose..). Yesterday we decided to swing by the beach and take some photos too.
I think my mom had been hoping they'd be professional and classy to frame around the house, but we just ended up doing this:

Merry Christmas! xx



with the exception of my week in California for the xmas holidays I'm pretty positive I'll be permanently cold for the next 4-5 months. time to bring out the black on black on black... guess I really am becoming a New Yorker


so downnnn

...for chi-town. my new favorite city and honestly, the next place I want to move to. perfect blend of sleepy San Francisco and big city New York. let's hope I can hang with the winds.

also so so wonderful to see my college friends again <3
hella miss you guys, but we really are lucky that we get to see each other this often across the country.


today I wore

vintage suspenders and suburban mom jeans. tres sexy, no?
F21 tank, H&M denim, suspenders: Beacon's closet, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

tomorrow I'm heading to Chicago for a random long weekend/ epic reunion. tres excitedddd


color me

sources: oh geez I'm so bad at this... the selby, because I'm addicted, stylebubble, aaaaand I wanna say kingdom of style. lmk if I'm missing one...

probably because the chill is creeping in, but currently inspired by bold, bright colors. actually, I guess I always am. just more pronounced when I realize I'm about to be cold for the next 5 months straight... oh hey there winter =(


Tess Giberson

This past Fashion Week I got to help out at Tess Giberson's SS2011 Presentation down in Chelsea. Soft leather details, a monochromatic palette, perfect layering, delicate but quirkly jewelry. Also really love how she worked in sheer gingham to lighten it up for spring. I would wear every one of these outfits all day everyday -the epitome of effortless chic.

didn't bring my camera... these iphone photos don't do justice to the details


food in philly

lesson learned - always get American cheese
Cheesesteak cart
pretzal & mustard

Right after our show Monday night (photos & post to come) I was on the train to King of Prussia (right outside Philadelphia) this week for work training. Stayed an extra night in Philly with my college friend to see the sites & eat. obviously. Cheesesteaks galore

Still sort of bummed I never found an 'I <3> Philly' sign to take a photograph with... I know, cheesy. but hey it's my city! hehe



under the sea silly bandz, Betsey Johnson temporary tattoos

What's trendier - designer fake tats or silly bandz?
guess I'm buying into both.


September 1



DIY old jeans, Urban Outfitters tube top, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, face necklace from New Orleans street vendor, random jewelry
I had a work call at 7:30 this morning regarding our company's new website. Basically what I've been working on the side for four months, and what has replaced my day job duties for the past month and a half. We've kept harping on "Launch Date September 1" so many times through every call and every meeting it's been drilled into my head ...and I can't believe Sept. 1 is actually here! Kind of crazy when it all came down to the time of the switch... just a couple buttons tapped on one side (with everybody on the call holding their breaths in anticipation) and it was all up!
check it outtttttt - http://www.betseyjohnson.com/
Of course, we're still working on a million smaller issues which were deamed not 'launch priority'... on top of that we've got NYFW & Fashion's Night Out (and all the social media/ web marketing that comes along with that) coming up in a couple weeks too. I'm definitely looking forward to the end of the month when everything calms down and I have my evenings & weekends back. whew



alpaca & wool hooded poncho (with pockets!)
softest modal double layer tank/ long sleeve sweater
two pieces I picked up at the Helmut Lang Gryphon Theory that suckered me in on my way home from work a few weeks ago. so ready for fall to kick in so I can get back to light knits, leather boots, and lose the mosquito bites.

also, so ready for Labor Day weekend to roll around so I can go to this. been listening to this nonstop and it gets me so pumped.

oh yea, also new -I finally painted my living room this past weekend. two months into my lease. but you're still proud of me, yes?
there's even a lamp now. next up, furniture...


my life lately

has consisted of -
silly youtubes, wine and beer, street cart food, free hotdogs, house music, old friends, new friends, drunk texting, a new desk finally!, yachts, watskeburt, brunch food, tumblr, finally joining the rest of america and watched an episode of jersey shore. yuck.

oh yea, and east coast summer rain. I'm not a fan -please make it stop


swimming babies

Went down to King of Prussia yesterday for work -our first website photoshoot. It was fun being on set of the shoot, even though it was just for product shots, to organize it, coordinate things and have my opinion count. Everybody was super friendly (and SO chill. I was like, getting anxiety from having an actual sit-down lunch, hah) It's crazy how many people and how much time is needed for a photoshoot to run -especially since we were just getting started & had never worked with each other before. I can't imagine how long it would've taken doing the full deal -accessories, hair & makeup, a set more complicated than just a seamless backdrop... ah more anxiety. okay bedtime.

nothing to do with the above ramble, but here's a recent outfit --- the print on the skirt is what sold me -swimming babies with goggles and swim caps! winner.
F21 dress as top, Zara skirt, Penny loves Kenny oxfords, self-mixed nail polish


mexican wedding dress


Zara dress, H&M belt, boots from Nordstrom Rack

I went to Zara yesterday after work for the first time in a long long time and found this beaut on the sale racks! Love the back tie and the extra long length though I freak out about it dragging and getting disgusting while walking on our dirty NY sidewalks..

On another note, this has been my recent obsession.
My friend found it, don't ask me how.

I know, we're strange.


double 07

Blogging really hasn't been on my radar lately (well obviously) reading blogs, writing entries, even taking photos, they've all kind of fallen to the wayside over the past month but I don't really mind... it's a nice change of pace. It's definitely been a busy past month though -moving into a new apartment, becoming a full time employee at work (huzzah!), friends visiting, visiting other friends. It's all kind of happened so quickly that if it weren't for the 100 degree NY weather, I've barely noticed we're already deep into summer. Once you're out of school for the first time your sense of timing and where you sort of 'fit' in the year is all thrown off. ..seems to make time fly a lot quicker.

Anyways, just some things I'm loving lately...
summer fruits & two-toned nails
thrifted shirt, F21 tank & shorts, necklaces from Taiwan & H&M, Jeffrey Campbell booties, shoulder bag: gift, iPod nano
wearing shorts without being (too) sloppy.
NOT summer sweat though.
'self high-five machine' art display in Midtown (38th & 8th I think it was...)
these psychadelic roses Betsey brought into the showroom last week from her florist -- how crazy cool are they??? she called them 'Roses on Acid'

happy double 07 day! harhar I'm so witty...


summer livin'

H&M lace biker shorts, silk tunic: my mom's, hat from Taiwan, purse from India (gift), nail polish: OPI, random rings
a random & casual outfit from my past weekend back in socal aka summer as it should be -warm, sunny, with a touch of breeze. none of this east coast humidity/ summer showers business.
I'll always be a California girl at heart =)


congrats miran!

My little sister graduated from high school yesterday. Valedictorian, ASG President, Cornell bound, big baller, shot caller. I'm super proud of her!
...and also tripping out that it's already been 5 years since I graduated from there.

Betsey Johnson dress (free from sample sale), thrifted belt

It's soooo nice to be home, especially after 2 weeks of nomad-ing it out of one suitcase. I miss my own bed, and my family, and my mom's cooking (although she has yet to cook for me! hmph), and the sunshine... ahh I MISS YOU CALIFORNIA.


forever in transit

I've been living in transit for these 2+ weeks. Bouncing from NY to SF to NY to LA... and floating around Manhattan and New Jersey while I'm in between apartment leases right now. I've recently realized that I've literally never lived in any place longer than 8 months at a time for the past 5 years through college and summers abroad. By now I really should be much better at being a nomad but it's still such a huge (albeit regular) hassle -mostly a product of me wanting to travel all the time & being stingy I suppose. It's the little things that are the most annoying... I hate the fact that I had to bring my suitcase to work this morning because I have no where else to put it, I hate that I'm running out of underwear and since the rest is packed away for now I'll need to buy more?, mostly, I hate being an inconvenience to others as I couch surf from place to place.

As much as I wish I could be a free spirited wanderer to roam the world and fulfill my wanderlust, it really isn't me. I wish it was me... I'm good at packing light, I don't hoard or create nests wherever I go, but I do need to come home to a familiar bed, and in the very least, have my own private space to kick it with myself..

So there's my little rant & reflection.

Anyways, I have some yummy foodie photos from a delicious meal at the House in San Francisco from my short trip this past weekend. Of course, my camera cord is boxed away in an apartment I have no access to at the moment, so food porn will have to wait..


taco tuesday

Taco Tuesday vs. Gilt Groupe @ work tonight aka throwback to sorority life, except w/ fashion companies. We do the whole matching outfits thing, the whole date auction thing, the whole get drunk & camera whore it up thing. (but all in the name of charity =)! ) Anywho - here's me decked out in Betsey at our showroom...
bustier & leggings: Betsey Johnson; sheer top: flea market; Aldo wedges; random glitter bow necklace

(sorry for the crappy photo quality...)