my life lately

has consisted of -
silly youtubes, wine and beer, street cart food, free hotdogs, house music, old friends, new friends, drunk texting, a new desk finally!, yachts, watskeburt, brunch food, tumblr, finally joining the rest of america and watched an episode of jersey shore. yuck.

oh yea, and east coast summer rain. I'm not a fan -please make it stop


swimming babies

Went down to King of Prussia yesterday for work -our first website photoshoot. It was fun being on set of the shoot, even though it was just for product shots, to organize it, coordinate things and have my opinion count. Everybody was super friendly (and SO chill. I was like, getting anxiety from having an actual sit-down lunch, hah) It's crazy how many people and how much time is needed for a photoshoot to run -especially since we were just getting started & had never worked with each other before. I can't imagine how long it would've taken doing the full deal -accessories, hair & makeup, a set more complicated than just a seamless backdrop... ah more anxiety. okay bedtime.

nothing to do with the above ramble, but here's a recent outfit --- the print on the skirt is what sold me -swimming babies with goggles and swim caps! winner.
F21 dress as top, Zara skirt, Penny loves Kenny oxfords, self-mixed nail polish


mexican wedding dress


Zara dress, H&M belt, boots from Nordstrom Rack

I went to Zara yesterday after work for the first time in a long long time and found this beaut on the sale racks! Love the back tie and the extra long length though I freak out about it dragging and getting disgusting while walking on our dirty NY sidewalks..

On another note, this has been my recent obsession.
My friend found it, don't ask me how.

I know, we're strange.


double 07

Blogging really hasn't been on my radar lately (well obviously) reading blogs, writing entries, even taking photos, they've all kind of fallen to the wayside over the past month but I don't really mind... it's a nice change of pace. It's definitely been a busy past month though -moving into a new apartment, becoming a full time employee at work (huzzah!), friends visiting, visiting other friends. It's all kind of happened so quickly that if it weren't for the 100 degree NY weather, I've barely noticed we're already deep into summer. Once you're out of school for the first time your sense of timing and where you sort of 'fit' in the year is all thrown off. ..seems to make time fly a lot quicker.

Anyways, just some things I'm loving lately...
summer fruits & two-toned nails
thrifted shirt, F21 tank & shorts, necklaces from Taiwan & H&M, Jeffrey Campbell booties, shoulder bag: gift, iPod nano
wearing shorts without being (too) sloppy.
NOT summer sweat though.
'self high-five machine' art display in Midtown (38th & 8th I think it was...)
these psychadelic roses Betsey brought into the showroom last week from her florist -- how crazy cool are they??? she called them 'Roses on Acid'

happy double 07 day! harhar I'm so witty...