Hong Kong // overindulgent consumerism

just got back to taipei from hong kong yesterday evening. been busy packing and seeing family before i fly back to CALIFORNIA tomorrow. yipeee it's been so long... get me some nachos and guacamole stat.

anyways, hong kong, definitely doable in 2 days, unless you have endless funds and a burning loyalty to brand-name goods... then you really can shop till you drop. we tried to squeeze some touristy things in between the malls =)
here are some photos...

hk 7
day view of pretty much all HK from victoria's peak


hk 8
watching the light show across from Hong Kong Island on the ave. of stars

big buddha! do you see it? (lan tau island)

hk 5
obligatory touristy picture

hk 6

hk 4

hk 3
alter at Po Lin Monastery

shopping was everywhereeee. seriously. at like every subway stop, at the top of this scenic peak, a bus ride away from the monastery. it was almost a little ridiculous. i guess the no sales tax + cheaper than usual luxury goods get people all riled up.

hk 10
pretty display wall at H&M

hk 1

i found the bestttttttt wool coat at H&M on Canton St. best but not perfect, which is why i didn't buy it =( but it was so beautifulllll. i have some pretty embarassing dressing room pics that i might post soon, hehe.

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  1. love the two city photos, amazing.