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bye tw 0

haha, not that you guys really want to see a photo of my ocd-semi-packed suitcase, but there it is. note some trinkets from the kenting weekend =) anyways, i am all packed and almost off to americaaaa. thank goodness for free wifi at the taoyuan airport, best idea ever.

as much as i hate to leave, there really is not much of a point staying here longer (although i definitely considered it). pretty much all my friends have returned home to start school, and it really is time for be to go home and finally buckle down on GRE-ing and grad school apps. =/
it was a fabulous summer though. i'll admit i was a bit skeptical before arriving -even during the first couple weeks. Taiwan was never one of those places i lusted over and dreamed of traveling to (aka paris, rome, greece). it was always sort of the routine trip every few years, with tons of family and food. now i can say with confidence that i'm sure i'll be back regularly -a part of my life is rooted in Taiwan and it always will be, even if i try to deny it and the rest of my Chinese heritage. (WOW this sounds so cheesy) it does make me a little sad though, knowing that even when i do come back it won't ever be the same. this group of friends that i've made here through TTT will probably never be completely reunited in the same manner.

bye tw 1

well now, that's depressing, hah. i'm gonna go now and watch a video of the making of gucci's f/w 09 campaign.
oh yea, and the amount of duty free i've browsed through in the past couple days mocks me =(


    But yeah, I know what you mean.


  2. reading that made me really sad.... realizing the same...
    where are you from? "germany"... (before)
    where are you from? "born in germany"..."im partly from taiwan" ...(after)...

    yeah i stopped to deny my yellow skinned heritage.. lol

  3. haha yea, i totally know what you mean. when i was in hong kong i'd tell people who asked that i was from america, but always added "but i've been in taiwan this past summer"

    aw, miss you guys

  4. awww, i completely agree about feeling more rooted in taiwan now.

    kind of want to go back next year, actually.

  5. looks like your actually good at packing.
    my style is so sporadic and impractical, its so annoying!

    frassy love xxxxxxx

  6. awww phyllis, at least we all have those stuffed bunnies from kenting! mine is sitting in my room.

    im glad you "discovered" a bit of your heritage in taiwan this summer. I think i became a bit more taiwanese myself. lol