eyeglasses to get your party on

eyeglasses party 02

i bought this skirt a couple months back and have been meaning to wear it out, but everytime i contemplate throwing it on... it always strikes me as wayyy too colorful and girly to actually have to wear and look at for several hours.
i finally wore it out this weekend when we went out one night as a good-bye-you-are-leaving-taiwan-before-the-rest-of-us-because-your-university-is-lame-and-ends-summer-early celebration. ...with the perfect accessory -- my dork frames! =) i've been looking for pair of completely unnecessary frames to wear for fun and found a decent pair a couple weeks back at ximending. they're a combination of sexy secretary and harry potter (if that's even possible)

p.s. sorry for the crappy lighting in this bedroom and horribly yellow-ish photos
eyeglasses party 0

eyeglasses party 01
top and skirt: H&M, really old (wet seal?) chain necklace worn as a bracelet, eyeglasses from street vendor in Taiwan

some eyeglasses inspiration ---
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garance dore, cupcakes and cashmere, yayeveryday


  1. i always feel so dorky with my glasses on but i guess i have to find the right pair
    adorable skirt :)

  2. hmmmm, thanks for that dedication.

    btw, would i be a total ariel if i kept reading your blog even after i left taiwan?