summer livin'

H&M lace biker shorts, silk tunic: my mom's, hat from Taiwan, purse from India (gift), nail polish: OPI, random rings
a random & casual outfit from my past weekend back in socal aka summer as it should be -warm, sunny, with a touch of breeze. none of this east coast humidity/ summer showers business.
I'll always be a California girl at heart =)


congrats miran!

My little sister graduated from high school yesterday. Valedictorian, ASG President, Cornell bound, big baller, shot caller. I'm super proud of her!
...and also tripping out that it's already been 5 years since I graduated from there.

Betsey Johnson dress (free from sample sale), thrifted belt

It's soooo nice to be home, especially after 2 weeks of nomad-ing it out of one suitcase. I miss my own bed, and my family, and my mom's cooking (although she has yet to cook for me! hmph), and the sunshine... ahh I MISS YOU CALIFORNIA.


forever in transit

I've been living in transit for these 2+ weeks. Bouncing from NY to SF to NY to LA... and floating around Manhattan and New Jersey while I'm in between apartment leases right now. I've recently realized that I've literally never lived in any place longer than 8 months at a time for the past 5 years through college and summers abroad. By now I really should be much better at being a nomad but it's still such a huge (albeit regular) hassle -mostly a product of me wanting to travel all the time & being stingy I suppose. It's the little things that are the most annoying... I hate the fact that I had to bring my suitcase to work this morning because I have no where else to put it, I hate that I'm running out of underwear and since the rest is packed away for now I'll need to buy more?, mostly, I hate being an inconvenience to others as I couch surf from place to place.

As much as I wish I could be a free spirited wanderer to roam the world and fulfill my wanderlust, it really isn't me. I wish it was me... I'm good at packing light, I don't hoard or create nests wherever I go, but I do need to come home to a familiar bed, and in the very least, have my own private space to kick it with myself..

So there's my little rant & reflection.

Anyways, I have some yummy foodie photos from a delicious meal at the House in San Francisco from my short trip this past weekend. Of course, my camera cord is boxed away in an apartment I have no access to at the moment, so food porn will have to wait..