Uniform Project

i love this.
the concept - same dress (well, 7 dresses, but the same one) worn everyday for a whole year. sustainable fashion. because even if the t-shirts you buy are made from organic cotton and the fur you wear is fake, you're still using up the earth's resources. and frankly, fashion is way too consumer-driven anyways. plus, this is a great way to push your creative buds and create "new" outfits for 365 days!

uniform project

such a cool idea! i'm excited to continue following it =)


  1. Although I do agree with the principles behind this cause, I'm not sure if I agree that it is actually 100% efficient. Unless you literally have a different outfit for every day, you might save by keeping one shirt or dress constant, but it seems like most people do have some or rotation, however long it may be, and they repeat clothes and outfits many times over the course of a year. Regardless, she needs to have more outfits like the June 20th, 2009. Lol.

  2. i think it's a great idea too!
    but i think i'd be so hard for me to do haha

  3. i agree that it's a difficult concept to actually engineer. i guess the message is just - buy and wear quality pieces and be creative and resourceful when you style them. at any rate, i think it's cool to watch her remix that dress 365 ways.

  4. Great idea, but I doubt I'd be able to do it!

    xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

  5. This is fun idea. Besides seeing how creative one can be with a single piece, I love that it has started an interesting discussion here on your blog. The comments that others have made are very interesting and it's making me think more about my wardrobe and my level of fashion consumption.