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during my impromptu salvation army stop yesterday i dug up this baby pink 80's sweatshirt that sort of reminds me of an old pair of H&M pumps I used to have. i usually hate baby pink but i am definitely a sucker for all things quirky and shiny (i'm like a freaking raccoon!). in the end i didn't buy it because- even at salvation army prices, even after removing the shoulder pads, i would have probably worn that sweatshirt once and then forgotten about it. trying to stick to the whole 'buy quality pieces, classic items that you'll wear over and over again' mentality. i know, wise words, but it rarely goes along with the raccoon part of me.

excuse the crappy phone picture and my sexy gym shorts -- it was a spontaneous trip
pink 80s sweatshirt

lately i've been worrying a lot about my goals and dreams and when the time is to just suck it up and be practical. i think compared to a lot of my past classmates i've always been stubbornly idealistic -for the most part i've always held on to something because i loved studying it, whether or not it was a practical career move (sort of explains my situation now hmm). also, making money has never really been a goal for me; while i am usually really anal and meticulous about my money and spending habits, i've never really wanted to be rich -just make enough to comfortably get by, you know?
anyways, recently it's seemed even harder to stick to my dumb, perhaps naive, ideals. i've become more frustrated and jaded and ready to just settle for a whatever-but-steady career. hopefully this is just one of those rough patches and i'll be in a new phase soon where i can be all starry-eyed and dream big again. hopefully.

(wow i just read that over and it sounds pretty depressing. sorry for being debbie downer, and i'm not trying to be emo. just wanted to spew some thoughts)


  1. Really luv ur sweatshirt!!! We all go through phases like this, things will get better hun!! : ) xx

  2. great sweatshirt !
    and yes i do agree we go through this phase of life . dont worry, you'll overcome it !

  3. i hope you'll figure out what you want to do:)

  4. Love the sweatshirt but I think you made the right decision in not getting in - this coming from another raccoon.

    And don't settle for the whatever-but-steady job. I did and part of me regrets it every day. I'm slowly working on reversing that decision but I still wonder if it's too late. So dream and dream big and make those dreams happen.

  5. You are beautiful and trust me, everything you go through in life good and bad, only makes you stronger and much much wiser. I have no regrets and I went through some rough patches. It all makes you who you are in the end =)


  6. I can relate to the last part of your post so much. If you give up your ideals and wishes, you'll never be happy, so instead learn to care less about the bad things these ideals bring you. And don't give up by any means.

  7. Hey thanks for your comment!
    Great sweater!!


  8. I must confess i go through phases liek this every few months.. it's painful! Don't give up on your big dreams:) Live the life you love.

  9. Aww what a cute sweater :) love it .

  10. hi, Phyllis. my jacket is from Zara. 80 euro for happiness :)

  11. Great sweater but I can understand why you didn't get it. Although when it comes to charity shopping, you can always tell yourself you donated money and worst case, can always donate it back to them.

    There's nothing wrong with being idealistic. There are too many out there who just settle for a job that earns them a decent wage, but they hate what they do and wake up one morning realizing they don't really enjoy life. Stick with your dreams... if you're passionate about something it will work out.

    Great blog by the way!

  12. Thanks a lot for your nice coment.
    your blog is gorgeus.

  13. oh man, i am going through the same exact thing. i think i've been going through it for the past 3 years since i've graduated from college, actually. it does suck, and it is really difficult to decide what it is that you really want in life. i feel like even in the past few days, i'm that much closer to turning over to the dark side (a practical career). anyway, good luck, and hopefully we will both figure it out soon!

  14. i am so trying the "buy quality pieces, classic items that you'll wear over and over again" and i have to say it's a struggle. it's not that easy to shake off decades of being a pack rat and "buying because it's on sale" mentality!

    about your goals, don't worry much. you seem to be so young still and you still have time to find what you really like to do. whatever you decide on, don't settle. do something that you truly enjoy otherwise you'll look back at your life regretting. goodluck! =)

  15. we're totally on the same boat together.... i have faith we'll figure it out. this is part of our great adventure! :)

    <3 you