ramble ramble

3rd straight day of rain so thought I could use some shiny shinies and my psychadelic print blouse. Oh yeah, and I got sick of my roots so I dyed my hair; decided that my nail polish was too green so I mixed some white in.
I really wish this room had some blank white wall, but it's colorful and messy and chaotic everywhere. Oh well. I never cared too much about sharing a room all though college but all of a sudden now all I want more than anything is my own space. and a nice fluffy pillow.discopants
Payless boots, Anthropologie blouse, AA disco pants

Anyways, I was writing my boyfriend an email earlier today (I know right? emails... how archaic we kickin' this old school, but it was actually kind of nice) and once I got myself going on all the writing I was actually able to spew out quite a lot. Ramblings unedited but it felt good to have the words and sentences flow out organically. I feel like I don't write enough here -maybe because I find it a chore to do so? Or because it's often a chore for me to read through paragraphs of stuff on other people's blogs -I'm such a visual person anyways... And then I never really know how much of my life I want to share. Sometimes my days are straight up so boring. no inspiration. so what's the point of writing about it?
But I also think, like anything, writing is a process, an exercise, and sometimes you need to force yourself into the habit or practicing. And it's my blog after all. I'm not writing articles or a column or anything here - you're totally welcome to skip over all this text, all time -shoot, I probably won't even read this over before I post... too tedious.

On another note -- I was reading pieces of the Happiness Project about a month back (because for whatever reason, I'm really attracted to self-help books... and entrepreneureal business books... aaaaaanywaysss) and she was talking about how she had to come to terms with herself and who she was. Stop trying to be the person she wanted to be (i.e. read random scholarly crap, listen to hipster music, have patience to cook interesting meals and know French) but just acknowledge who she actually was (read self-help books, listen to mainstream hyphy, watch food network and never actually cook cool things, and only know 'oui oui' in French). Path to happiness. Know who you are. But then again 'who you are' is always changing, no? ... and she is like this, middle aged wife & mother. about time you know who you are and stop fooling yourself. at least at 22 (I can still tell myself) I could change and make me who I want to be. maybe? ...I did enjoy the book though -some nice insights.


  1. I love your outfit... the pants is so fierce and the top is so sweet... love the balance.

    We get to be in a phase where we totally feel the lack of inspiration. I normally stop, go out, daydream and try to get my focus back.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  2. I really love your blouse! And I think everyone needs to work on being more of themselves, and we're all capable of change at any point in our lives, no matter how young or how old! :)

  3. The blouse is gorgeous and I like it with those pants! xo


  4. I love everything you are wearing!


  5. Amazing leggings, looks so nice on you!

  6. if you want to shape your life into your dreams then there's no better place and time than NYC at 22... :)

  7. love the blouse!it'd be so cool if the prints could glow in dark, huh huh? :D oh how i wish i could pull off those disco pants.

    I agree with your statement about "who you are" is always changing. It's true that we can't just be content with what we have or who we are at the moment. But it's also true that we can't be someone we're not. I guess we'll just have to keep figuring things out while we're young and free :D And how I wish I could do that in NYC like you :p

    ps: I also watch Food Network to drool over the dishes but never actually make them in my own kitchen :D

  8. I love writing emails. It is cathartic, and serves as a diary of sorts in later years. Love those disco pants! :)

  9. Fun prints are totally the perfect way to spruce up crappy weather.

    And I know what you mean about writing. Sometimes I have the hardest time writings posts; other times rambling is super easy. I never really thought of it, but I guess blogging IS a good way to "practice writing." Interesting post!


  10. those disco pants are totally rad !
    i love ur tunic too !

    i do agree with lexy, blogging IS a good way to practice our writing skills :D i've also realized that my writing skills depends on my moood. If I'm on good mood, then my writing looks better :D

    hugs and kisses ..
    glisters and blisters

  11. golly! those disco pants look absolutely STUNNING on you... wow! i love writing emails to my boyfriend - sometimes text messages are too short and impersonal. an email allows us to actually say what we mean, uninterrupted in more than 140 characters :)


  12. I understand how important it is to have your own space. I need my "me" time regularly. Love those leggings! And even with the crazy wall in the background, your outfit is bananas!

  13. The sexiest legwear there is: the disco pants from AA!

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