Sensory Overload


Because I keep finding more and more blogs, and reading through more and more fashion, and saving more and more great images and inspirations.

I need to keep this obsession in check... especially when I have other things I need to do too, like study for my GRE, go to work, explore Taiwan, sleep??

Anyways, here are a few of my recent favorite outfit photos -mostly stolen from streetstyle blogs, lookbook, personal blogs, editorials, etc.

Even if it weren't this hot, I don't think guys in Taiwan dress like this... sad

I don't know who this is, but she is absolutely GORGEOUS

Cuuute... navajo without being too aboriginal

Hmm... I usually don't like Kate Spade

I still need to find my fedora
What? Since when did F21 do cute statement jewelry? (although this piece definitely has cheap tacky potential) It's still really cute - reminds me of the DIY bibs the glamourai makes...

Speaking of which... how cute is she??

YSL Fall 09, great proportions.. and of course those famous cage heels

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  1. sadly i don't think i could pull off that outfit...