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Tina and I went to the "Modern Toilet" last week for dinner, this trendy new restaurant chain that has been popping up all over Taiwan. The concept is cute/gross/Japanese - you sit on toilets, eat over bathtubs, get your napkins from the tp dispenser, and eat out of toilet bowl/urinal -shaped bowls.

I was gonna get just chocolate ice cream... nom nom, poop in a bowl

Some chicken curry..

Hung out at Ximen this afternoon -- where Taipei's hip young hipsters hang. Found these --

Condoms! It says "love me well"

At a little bakery in Tienmu, by where I'm staying
Little bunny buns at an asian bakery...

And then outside we found a little kid pagent/ fashion show... I think he is supposed to be a unicorn lol.
Sister princesses.

Little girl dressed up as a witch, who walked to the end of the runway and then proceeded to do magic tricks with her well lol. She was in tears later since she only got 3rd place.

This boy was supposed to be the Statue of Liberty.
Harry Potter!! This boy won first place -check it out... his costume is 100% home-made and legitt

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  1. hilarious, i would definitely give witch costume girl 1st place b/c she is wearing something a 18 year old skank would wear to a slutty halloween party, that's gutsy. i know why she cried. also, props to whoever decided that it would be the best idea to get the most poop-looking dish out of the toilet bowl. classic.