go saints?

This bone-chilling cold has given me a new appreciation for bookstores and cafes, especially when put together (+ free wifi, i love you Borders). It makes you feel like you're "going out" and "doing something" when really you've merely just transplanted yourself from bed --> bookstore sofa.
trousers, heat-tech top, cardi: Uniqlo, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, studded belt from Taiwan street boutique, necklaces: from NOLA streetfair and thrifted purse chain

Just realized that I'm basically wearing head-to-toe Uniqlo, haha oh well. This bright yellow cardigan was 2 sizes too big but on sale for only $15 and has fulfilled part of my quest for more color in my winter outfits. I ended up layering tights underneath too - these pegleg trousers are way too thin.

Currently huddled up with my coffee, trying to figure out Superbowl plans, wings vs. no wings, etc... important things obviously. I'm not a big NFL person but I guess I'm channeling some NOLA spirit with my outfit today - I'm even wearing my favorite face necklace I bought while down there last May!

Oh yea, I almost forgot! Congrats to Lena who won the slouchy boot giveaway! I emailed you - check your inbox =)

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  1. Love the yellow cardi. It is a great color for you! xo


  2. YES!! UNIQLO!!
    they just brought out spring line here in UK... with fake leather stuff... the tops are SO CUTE!!
    cant wait to spend all my money on it :p

    im jealous, you can pull off yellow so well.

  3. Hi there sweetie, loving the lemon cardigan on you and congrats to the winner what a fantastic prize! Sharon xxx

  4. Cool, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I can't wait to get them and will definitely post pics of me wearing them.
    BTW, you look awesome in yellow!!!

    Lena xoxo

  5. you look so great in these trousers!!! and the cardigan looks great on you, especially since you got it in two sizes too large. it gives it that oversized look :)

  6. Love the cardigan, gorgeous colour :)

  7. hooray for sunny yellow cardigans! love the urban backdrop too. and love the JC shoes.

  8. Oh I totally regret not going to Uniqlo when I was in NYC :( love the trousers and the bright cardi. And I really like just doing nothing at bookstores too haha def not a bad way to waste time :)

  9. i love the yellow of your cardigan. totally agree on you with bookstores and cafes. :) love those places.

    cute outfit. :) congrats on your winner.

  10. Luv the yellow cardi hun! Hope u well : ) xx

  11. wow, love the bright splash of yellow!

  12. love the mix of bright & dark - it looks amazing!

  13. I love your pants and that yellow look so good on you! xoxoxo

  14. Fabulous outfit, love. I'm loving bright yellow on that! And I wish I had the energy to transplant myself elsewhere, but with almost two feet of snow outside, I can't find the energy to do anything or go anywhere!

  15. that is the shade of yellow that can brighten me up any given day..i love bright colors that makes a neutral look pop out!

    ps. loving the boots too...
    i'm following you...
    hope you could follow back! :D


  16. I can't imagine! It must be cold there! I love the pop of yellow!

  17. that yellow is a great color on you...love the blog

    want to link exchange?


  18. Yes NOLA necklace, love it. Go Saints :)

  19. fuck, there's no Uniqlo or any bookstore similar to Borders in my city... I think I live in Narnia or something...

    btw, the shoes and the trousers are to die for!!

    I'm following you!

  20. I love coffee shops with free wi-fi, most certainly a great way to get out of the house and still do exactly what you would be at home, hehe.

    I love all the gold hardware, the chains, the belt and the buckles on the boots. Fantastic!

  21. Love your lemon cardi, sweetie! Your necklace is super cool too!

    Congratulations to the winner- I am very jealous. hehe