September 1



DIY old jeans, Urban Outfitters tube top, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, face necklace from New Orleans street vendor, random jewelry
I had a work call at 7:30 this morning regarding our company's new website. Basically what I've been working on the side for four months, and what has replaced my day job duties for the past month and a half. We've kept harping on "Launch Date September 1" so many times through every call and every meeting it's been drilled into my head ...and I can't believe Sept. 1 is actually here! Kind of crazy when it all came down to the time of the switch... just a couple buttons tapped on one side (with everybody on the call holding their breaths in anticipation) and it was all up!
check it outtttttt - http://www.betseyjohnson.com/
Of course, we're still working on a million smaller issues which were deamed not 'launch priority'... on top of that we've got NYFW & Fashion's Night Out (and all the social media/ web marketing that comes along with that) coming up in a couple weeks too. I'm definitely looking forward to the end of the month when everything calms down and I have my evenings & weekends back. whew


  1. Love your outfit soo much hun! Hope you have been well ! xx

  2. Totally love the heel on your shoes! CuteX

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