smooth criminal

i know bloggers complain a lot about daylight savings and losing light and time to go outdoors and take outfit pics. today tonight as i drove past a deserted parking lot i realized that 1. i should do an outfit post, 2. i didn't have a photo and the sun was gone, 3. the roof was completely deserted (well, except for this one couple in a random car off in the corner, hmhmm.. hehehe) and completely lit up.
so this was my attempt at a 'night shot' ooh i'm so artsy. semi fail though. these photos are B&W not because i am so so artsy, but more to get rid of the icky yellow lighting. mneh, oh well... let's go with artsy.
miss sixty flare jeans, lace body from Urban Outfitters, DIY YSL croptop, reworked F21 robe, Penny Loves Kenny oxfords, cuff bracelet from NOLA

anywho, i've been tagged by tink and kathleen for blog awards! 7 facts about myself? any excuse to babble - let's gooooo

1. my parents recently got a bag of dark chocolate covered pomegranates from Costco (read: Costco SIZED). mmnomnom... it's been the death of me
2. ditto for Cheez-it Party Mix. although there's a disproportionately large amount of pretzals in here.

3. i really am quite retarded when it comes to sewing and crafy stuff. really. despite all the projects/homemade stuff i've shown you guys here.. someone that spends that much time playing around with it all really should be more knowledgeable
4. despite my retardedness, i'm going to try to make a pair of velvet harem pants (tryyyyy). but how awesome does that sound??

5. my birthday is at the end of this month and i am really pretty terrified to turn 22 (but let's save that for another post). anyways, you know how anthropologie gives you 15% off your birthday month? they send you this little card -- and this year it came with a "candle necklace". how cute! ... and how useless
6. green is one of my favorite colors, but i don't really find myself wearing it much anymore...
7. i just found out today that i'll be writing the "style and fashion" section for the examiner in my local area! should be fun and maybe i'll make some pocket change too while i'm at it! i'll give you guys more deets once it's up and running.

i am tagging christen, lexy, jasna, kristy, amy, carrie, and anyone else that wants to do the tag! thank you guys for trotting over to this little corner of the www. =)


  1. Love this award that allow you to learn new things about people!
    Nice shots!

  2. Thanks for the tag hun!!! Luved reading the 7 facts about you and I luv ur pic!! I will do the tags as soon aas I can : )Mwah xxx

  3. Aww girl, thanks so much for the tag. This award is awesome!! Love your facts and love that photo. I am excited to see your velvet harem pants when you are done, they sound adorable.

    I will list my 7 things hopefully today. Yay!


  4. Loved the 7 facts about you and I also like that jacket you are wearing! xoxo


  5. fun facts. i hear ya on the cheez-it's. those dang crackers get me every time!
    that's so cool about writing for your local paper.

  6. Creative night photos! I think I may give that a try. I like the idea of black and white. It's forgiving on weird lighting.

  7. I thought it was hilarious that it said I could keep the necklace. I'll be sure to sport it all over town. Ah ha ha. Oh Anthro. I totally forgot to use my discount. Boo. Happy early bday!

  8. oh cheezits are the death of me. it's a love/hate relationship really.

    they're so good but so bad at the same time!

  9. love the fun facts and your photos.

  10. Way to embrace the lack of sun! I am guilty of not getting in outfit posts due to the lack of light lately.....your photos turned out so well!

    I loved reading your facts!

  11. congrats on the writing gig!! so proud of you!

    as for you bday coming up....what are your plans? come up to the bay to celebrate!


  12. Love love the night shots,you look so beautiful ! Do lovethe YSL crop top you made and its perfect with those pants!

    Also wowww,you're making velvet pants ? I can't wait to see it. Congrats on your award,always lovly to know more on other bloggers:)

  13. Congratulations on writing for the paper! And I do believe you are crafty, you just crocheted that hoodie :)

  14. Just discovered your blog - it's very cute :)

  15. i loved those black and white shots .
    and nice to know more stuff about you :D

    thanks for your comment on the blog giveaway :D I've got a new blog post up !

    visit / follow / and comment me .
    xoxo . Glisters & Blisters

  16. Hi Phyllis. Thank you for tagging me in this post. I really appreciate it :)

    I really enjoyed reading these facts about you. Green is my second favourite colour (yellow being first) and I hardly find myself wearing it, but it's a lovely colour. And I think the sewing and crafty pieces that you make are pretty good. Keep at it :)

  17. AWWW, Thanks for the tag!

    I'm definitely one of those bloggers who complain of daylight savings, but your photos turned out great! And good luck with your sewing! Have patience, and it'll turn out amazing, I'm sure!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  18. Good luck on the velvet harem pants!

  19. I love cheezit party mix too! And great night-time shots!

  20. i love night shots as well.
    and i really like that cupcake card thing.

  21. Velvet harem pants?! I can't wait to see them and thanks for the tag!!! I'll get around to it this week :) And don't be too afraid of 22. I'm turning 24 in January and I'm terrified!