dance for love

oct3 6
my mom and i found this amazing cuban cafe/bakery by the burbank airport as she was going to drop me off. had a quick dinner. sandwich of feta cheese and fresh tomatoes on homemade baguette with mariquitos (plantain chips!) and a delicious garlicy dipping sauce. and we bought a bunch of pastries for her to take home. and when she picked me up today we stopped by again, hehe. so delicious and not expensive at all! so glad we found this place, good job us =)

oct3 7
had brunch with the boy at Somerset in Oakland. seriously, the Bay Area has some of the best best eats. we've been trying to conquer them all (with the help of yelp) but it seriously a work in progress.
open faced crab sandwich with avocado, black pepper aioli, cheese, and red pepper on top of sourdough; heirloom tomato salad.

oct3 4
oct3 5
oct3 6
lovevolution parade in San Francisco - "we dance for love and respect" haha i loved it; it was so eclectic, energetic, and completely san franciscan in every way. i admire the people who went all out and were at the parade at noon, the festival in the afternoon, and the afterparty till the break of dawn. i really wish i could have gone to it all but i went to the football game instead, and my party endurance has really plummented (i know, it's pitiful)

oct3 3
speaking of which, Cal vs. USC. let's not talk about it.

oct3 1
oct3 2
on sunday we swung by Ici, a delicious and quirky ice cream store run by an ex-Chez Panisse dessert chef. they have the most unique and unexpectedly delicious flavors that change daily and, true to Alice Waters form, are always made from fresh and local ingredients. i had a scoop creme fraiche amareno cherry and he got brown sugar oatmeal raisin cookie. they also hand roll their cones and dip the insides in chocolate! deeeelicious


secondhand boyfriend jeans, H&M tank, Zara jacket, dinosaur necklace from Taiwan, American Eagle sandals. excuse my funky facial expressions

and here's a random picture of my boyfriend. (his arm's half up because he's being shy, not abusive, haha) i miss him dearly and it completely sucks not living in the same city anymore.
anyways, if any of you guys are interested, he just started a blog where he shares a lot of good music. check it out -i swear, at least half of my itunes is credited to him. ...the other half is full of those horrible catchy songs that you know are horrible but you can't help loving because they are so damn catchy =)


  1. The food looks delicious! I really like what you're wearing. The boyfriend jeans, black top, and cardigan goes so well together. - I'm also a huge music lover so I'll definitely be checking out your boyfriend's blog. Great post!

  2. food made me hungry :p
    love your blazer and jeans combo . very classic .
    thanks for visiting my blog btw .
    keep visitng :)


  3. Yummy food, I like your cardigan.
    I love my jegging it's so comfy! Also looks good on my body, you should defenitly buy one!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  4. Oh, no, all these pictures are making me feel hungry. In fact, I am starving but there are only few things in my fridge. I love the way you guide us through your days.
    B* a la Moda

  5. Love your relaxed chic outfit! I love Cuban food too! Was introduced to it recently when I was in Key West. Being the closest to Cuba, it's the most authentic we can get here! =)

    The zipper belt DIY is such a fun idea! It's so trendy without spending big bucks!

  6. Wow!! Delicous food,I´m so so hungry!!

  7. What a cute blog you have here. Love the photography. Cuban food the best.

  8. Wow, that crab sandwich looks amazing!


  9. MM the food looks good, the parade looks like fun, ice cream looks yummy and you look pretty and happy :)

  10. Oh man, I'm hungry now. Especially after seeing that ice cream! Looks like lots of fun and I love your outfit - esp. the blazer!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. so yummy food ! great photos . i love what you were wearing :D

  12. Looks like so much fun!!! And that food yum- what an amazing little cafe!