blue stove

blue stove
target sweater, F21 socks, boots by Jessica Simpson, bf's Raybans, skirt from ...6th grade? how do i still fit in this

aren't the back of my thighs sexy??? i was trying to show the button-up back of my sweater... fail.

the boy's here now =) we went to the park for some duck watching yesterday. it's like people watching but even better -you make up the conversations and scenarios you think those little birds are having... and there's no fear that they might overhear you talking crap

and i've been having quite a lot of mexican food lately... like these tapas from Blue Stove. nommy.
blue stove 2

blue stove 1
also, really feelin' my blue nails right now, although i just bought a chanel jade wannabe which is next up

this post is so schizophrenic.


  1. everybody seems to be buying the chanel jade . i think the blue is fantastic on you!

    love the pink florals peeking out on the edge of ur dress.. adds a touch of girlness to the tough boots and socks combo.


  2. Really luv this outfit!!! Socks and boots is one of my favs and always looks divine! Hope u have a stunning day! xxx

  3. hey BABE! I love your style. YEAH! make that boyfriend lick the table.. heehehe... kidding. you are too cool for school!

    love you!

  4. Cute outfit!! Your skirt is so pretty! xoxoxox

  5. Awww, your outfit is so cute. I like how you paired high socks with your boots! It's a really nice look for fall. Also, the food looks delicious. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

  6. Nice boots!!


  7. wow thats a hot look!!! love your style and your site

    come visit the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let he know what you think


  8. This is such a nice, casual weekend look. Love the boots and love how you wore your socks higher and slightly peeking through!!

    Seriously, the skirt from way back your 6th grade?! You lucky, lucky girl that you could still fit into those!! =)

  9. I've your same sunglasses (!). Nice boots, love the tan color.
    Thanks for leaving a comment, your blog is really nice!

  10. my bf's raybans aren't my style so i can't wear them.. boo