lightweight stripes & lushae

This outfit is from a few days ago - when it was unusually hot in New York (warmer than Southern California in April? isn't that a bit off?). This dress had originally been floor sweeping until I accidentally left it in the dryer so it shrunk a bit -now it's ankle sweeping. I actually like it better this way -no need to pick up the ends when I walk up stairs or accidentally tripping over myself.
lightweight stripes
lightweight stripes2
dress and cateye sunnies: F21, shawl: random piece of shredded fabric; ring from LuShae Jewelry

I'm also wearing this new ring courtesy of LuShae Jewelry. Sarah at Jewelry Art Designs was kind enough to let me choose an item to review from her beautiful selection of shiny shinies. I tend to wear chunkier and bigger jewelry so I instantly gravitated towards this white gold Cobblestone ring, perfect both as a cocktail ring and everyday wear. To be honest (especially for its size) I expected this ring to be a lot heavier, the kind of jewelry you always know is there, you always feel yourself wearing it. I couldn't really tell from the website photos but turns out it's actually hollowed out all the way through and the back panel is riddled with holes, sort of reflecting the cobblestone pattern in the front of the ring... kind of cool. Anyways, thank you Sarah for sharing your site with me! This ring is super versatile -I've almost worn it every day since I received it a few days ago, always a win in my book.


  1. This stripes dress is amazing! It remind me one I've seen from ACNE!

  2. NICE!!!

    One Love,

  3. I love the ring and your long stripey dress!


  4. i wish i could pull off the maxi dress look this season, but my torso and legs are too short, so there goes my chance :( anyways, i love your ring pick. I browsed through the website and that one was one of my top 5 picks! (that's right, not 3, but 5!i like having many options to choose from, hahaha..)
    Hope you're enjoying the nice weather :)

  5. I love the striped dress! And that ring.. ah! Love it! :)

  6. I really need a stripe maxi dress...this looks great!

    Lena xoxo

  7. Love that maxi dress. It's simple, chic and effortless. And you look so pretty!

  8. you look adorable i love this look