(photo by zones)
I really am trying to blog more regularly but works been kicking my butt lately. I'm at the office later than ever and all I want to do when I get back to my apartment is sleep/eat/shower (either/or/all at once). I'm so jealous of you bloggers out there with the discipline to post outfits daily on top of everything else! (laziness & apathy have always been my strong suits)

Anyways, this week's sort of felt like a waste... I've had this awful sty on my left eye for the past few days and it looks like it's planning on stickin' around a bit longer, ugh. It's been tiring me out way more than I thought it would (who knew it was so much work to keep both eyes open all the time?? damn) and I haven't felt like going out or doing more than the bare minimum these past couple days since I look (and feel) tres sexy. oh well... let's hope it gets better FAST -I'm sick of feeling like cyclopes =(


  1. I am the same way about blogging. There is always so much to do! x


  2. Sorry this past week has been rough. I am having a lot of trouble trying to post regularly now too. It's hard blogging, working and trying to have a life ;)

    I hope this next week is better!

  3. amazing picture! I hope your days get better

  4. thats a great picture, but that sucks about work! I know i'm hacing a pretty rough time catching up with all my homework too!

    hope your eye gets better too:)

    xx raez

  5. I KNOW. I keep on telling myself "just post just post just post" but I'm too busy / lazy to do so!

    Hope your eye gets better! I hate those weeks that feel so blaahhh.