last days in taiwan...

these are way overdue... at first i just never got around to it w/ the busy-ness of going to Hong Kong and then coming back to California... then i actually just forgot. and then my dear Taiwan friend Beverly left a video on my facebook wall =) and got me thinking of and missing Taiwan all over again.
anyways, i thought i'd share some photos from my last few days in Taiwan aka how to tour Taipei in 48 hours or less (sorry some of these are blurry)

Taipei 101 at night -tallest building in the world (although soon to be beat by Dubai) -in Chinese it basically says go taiwan! lol, so much national pride


lunch at the original Ding Tai Fung, basically the best little buns in the world

tw 2
imitating Monsters Inc at the Pixar exhibit at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum

tw 5
C.K.S. Memorial Hall

tw 4

the Valentine's Bridge in Danshui

tw 3

tw 1
MRT subway bridge over Jiantan