future love

velvet 1

i know right? who the heck wears velvet out in 90 degree weather??
this skirt is actually converted from an old, maybe vintage, pair of baggy pj shorts i found lol. i needed some new textures in my closet so i kept it, snipped the crotch, and made it into a skirt! (i sort of feel like a figure skater, haha) most of my memories of velvet clothing were of conservative concert dresses i used to wear for piano recitals, eek. but i can see myself wearing this with some tights and boots once it gets chilly.
oh yea, and i loveeee this necklace

the lighting in the first photo was a complete accident, but i sort of like how it washes everything out and all you end up seeing is the velvet...

velvet 2

velvet 3

velvet 4
tank top and sandals: Old Navy, necklace from a street fair in New Orleans, skirt: secondhand reworked

i have re-fallen in love with Pride and Prejudice. i've been just playing it in the background as i work on sewing/DIY projects if anything just for the beautiful music and pausing to watch the scenes when Darcy pronounces his love for her. ahhh, i'm such a closet sap.

happy weekend!!


  1. This look is so pretty. And I love the velvet touch - even though I have similar memories of hideous recital dresses! And the lighting effect in that first picture looks so cool!

  2. That is a ridiculously awesome necklace! Also, I love that first photo... it's so mysterious and dreamy!

  3. I love love love the necklace. The lighting in the first photo is amazing.

  4. Wow. you perfected this DIY!! I love the tone and texture of the skirt.. will be an awesome fall piece!

  5. That first photo (wash out accident) turned out to be quite artistic!

    Love the skirt. You did a great job reworking it from its old self. Love your necklace too! =)

  6. whahahah..who cares what kinda weather it is, u look stunning in ya cute velvet skirt!

    One Love,

  7. superb necklace ! and your skirt is so amazing ! maybe you can wear it to the mall . haha . love the first photo too :D

  8. That necklace is awesome. Very special.
    Thanks for the comment, I'll do a Q&A post very soon.
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  9. Thanks so much for your really sweet comment on my blog : ) I so luv ur necklace- really unique!! xx

  10. You look lovely! I really like your jewelry :)