may showers

Rain still? come on now Mother Nature. I blame the rain for this crappy photos - where else am I supposed to take pics when it's pouring outside? =/ on another note, I really do need a tripod...
DIY torn boyfriend jeans, Style & Co oxfords, H&M trench, Betsey Johnson archive top

Thank you so much for the nice comments on the last post - makes me feel less guilty about being a sporadic blogger, hehe.
Oh yes, and today through tomorrow is American Apparel's Friends & Family sale - 30% off! Don't make fun of me... I trained all the way up to Harlem since that's the only store in Manhattan that's participating. Come on - 30% off AA is kind of a big deal... plus they had cookies for us =)


  1. Jeans, trench, shoes - love them!

    Meanwhile I totally feel the inside/grainy/blurry photo pain. I love the cold weather but it really doesn't make it easy to take photos after work.

  2. Luv your jeans and trench hun!! Have a lovely wednesday xx

  3. argh that sucks, there's only 1 store in the entire Canada that's having the sale and it's 2.5 hrs drive from Toronto. GGRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyways, your top is uber cute. i love how you paired with distressed bf jeans :D

    ps. hows the weather in NYC? I can't wait to get there this weekend, though I think it's not gonna be sunny :(


  4. Like your pants a lot, cute shirt btw!


  5. I was totally going to go last night to the AA sale only it was freezing and rainy. Now I'm busy all tonight for it. Grrrr...did you end up picking up anything?

  6. I love that top! Very 90s, in a great way!

  7. Love your floral shirt!! It goes perfect with the shoes!! xoxooxoxo

  8. NO WAY. I have a sweater extremely similar to yours, except the colours are inversed, in that there is more white than black. Or something. But it's very similar.

    And it's rainy here, too! Sad face.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!